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Information for Participants

What's Involved | Privacy | Benefits | Risks | Withdrawal

What is involved?

At the moment, we are recruiting for the co-design aspect of the study. This is when we sit down with groups of young adults, like yourself, and have open discussions about social media, wellbeing, and health promotion.

It is the first phase of our research, where we design the intervention, with you!

Our workshops will be run online, using Zoom – a web-based video conferencing app.

If you agree to participate, you will be asked to join 8 or 9 others in 2-3 semi-structured workshops, each estimated to last about 120 minutes. Jess and Rajshri will moderate the group and ask for your participation in a number of activities and discussions which will likely involve:

1. Group brainstorming on the meaning of health and wellbeing (to yourselves, your friends, and your whānau)

2. Voting on important and useful Instagram content and potential intervention goals 

3. Discussion around a potential Daily Health Coach aesthetic, frequency of posting/messaging, and cultural inclusivity


Why have I been invited to participate?

As researchers, we believe in the power of co-design, and are seeking the voices of young adults from our communities to help us make this intervention the best that it can be.

Your participation in all aspects of youth health promotion is vital to ensure that the care provided is accessible, appropriate, and effective.

What is co-design research?

In simple terms, co-design is a process that involves people in the decisions that will have an impact on them. Meaningful participation involves young people being partners in research outputs that will affect them, whether that be in their direct care, service design, quality improvement, or evaluation.

Technology Information

As workshops are online, Jess will send instructions on how to use Zoom, and offer you an opportunity to trial it with her prior to the workshop session (although we are sure you are all familiar with the platform after many lockdowns!).

The session will be audio-recorded via Zoom, after which the audio data will be transcribed by Jess - she will ask permission to record and transcribe the data as part of the Informed Consent process.

Data Storage

At the end of the focus group session, Jess will download all files to a secure hard drive on a password-protected University of Auckland computer and delete all original files.

On completion of the study, all data will be kept in a secure facility at the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics, University of Auckland. Everything will be password protected and held for six years, and then permanently deleted.

Privacy and Confidentiality

This is important to all of us.

Because you’ll be participating in a group with others, including us researchers, your responses will not be confidential during the session.

However, beyond that and once the workshop sessions have ended, your identity will remain confidential.

Your name and identifying information will be removed from your responses (a pseudonym will be used from then on), and stored separately.

Prior to the first workshop session, Jess may email you to request some demographic information. She will use that for the analysis of the study data. If she does report demographic information, she will take all care to present it in a way that doesn’t personally identify you.


Benefits of Participating

If you participate, you’ll have a unique opportunity to share ideas, experiences, and views with other young adults, and to contribute your voice to this field of study. 

Through our discussions, we hope you will gain a deeper understanding of health and nutrition, and how social media can be used in empowering ways to improve overall health and wellbeing; for instance, by making the algorithms work for you rather than against you.

We hope to stay connected following the workshops; there may be future opportunities to collaborate on this (as well as other) research projects.

You will be reimbursed for your time with a $50 voucher (food, petrol or prezzy card) for each workshop you attend!


Potential risks

Remember, this is not an anonymous study – your name will be used and known during the workshop sessions.

Also, because we recruit some participants through University channels, it’s possible you may meet or be known to fellow students or staff members. In order to protect privacy and maintain confidentiality, all participants will be asked to agree not to name or discuss other group members or their responses outside of the workshop sessions. This is important.

Withdrawing from the Study

Participation in the study is voluntary. You will be able to withdraw from the study at any time without giving a reason, by emailing the student researcher (Jessica Malloy). If you decide to withdraw during the workshop sessions, you can simply exit or stop answering questions. 
Once audio-recording of the focus group has commenced, withdrawal of your data is not possible.

Should you meet our criteria and wish to participate, you can find all of the important study information on our Participant Information Sheet.

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